Yücel Kopal

About / Bio Life had many roles for Yücel Kopal (1982), law school drop-out, cafeteria owner, scrap gold buyer. But beyond all those roles he has always been a storyteller. Growing up in a migrant neighborhood in Nijmegen while attending a very prominent school led him to mingle with people from all walks of life at an early age. His background is reflected in the raw, witty slice-of-life stories in which Yucel tries to explore the effects and influences of our social environments on our behavior.

Yücel started writing with befriended comedians, but the urge to develop his own stories grew stronger and stronger. He was selected by the Podiumkunsten Fund for the first edition of #NIEUWESTUKKEN. This resulted in a piece that eventually led to his theater debut and an opportunity to pitch a tv show idea to producers during the Rose Stories Writersroom. Since then, Yücel has worked as a writer, actor and director on several tv and film projects.

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