Safi Graauw

About / Bio Exploring just the right balance between understanding brand behaviour and powerful execution, Safi Graauw (1988) is a self-taught director with an academic degree (MRes) in earth-sciences. Interweaving a strong narrative and sense of aesthetic in his imagery, his commercial work combines popular culture with a sense of entertainment. And his documentary work advocates purpose-led ideologies and intersectional environmentalism. Safi was named amongst the 50 most promising talents of the Netherlands in 2020 by Het Financieel Dagblad.

The end of summer ’21 Koeriers will air – his first series about young runners in uptown Amsterdam that try to become leaders of the workplace, one pizza at a time. Koeriers is a new comedy/drama webseries to be developed for in cooperation with KRO-NCRV. Keep an eye on this guy, only good things coming up.

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