Juul Op den Kamp

About / Bio Juul Op den Kamp (1992) is an international documentary and commercial director. Her work is characterized by a focus on international current affairs and important social issues, set in a creative colorful cinematic form.

She graduated from the Dutch National Film Academy in 2014, won the annual producers award directly after graduation and received a Fulbright grant to obtain her master’s degree in documentary directing at Parsons University in New York (graduation date: 2016). In New York she founded the Girl Crew Collective with fellow female artists. A platform for stories made by and for female artists. Internationally Juul made several documentaires from New York, to the Philippines and across Europe. Her latest feature documentary ‘What’s Left’ is currently one of the most streamed documentaries on the Dutch National Broadcasting NPO.

Aside from her independent documentary films Juul is successfully working on commercials and commissioned work with multiple agencies and brands. Some of her commissioned work prosperously traveled the world, causing evident impact for the brands and NGOs in question. Her last film for ‘Mileudefensie’ screened at the climate summit in Glasgow and caused a lot of commotion. She joined the Pink Rabbit commercial director roster in 2022.

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