Joenoes Polnaija

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Joenoes “JONES” Polnaija (1989) is a talented actor and musician. He graduated from the Theaterschool Rotterdam in 2013, where he honed his skills in acting and theater. Since then, Joenoes has been actively involved in the performing arts scene, participating in various theater groups, Dutch feature films, and TV shows.

Joenoes describes himself as a storyteller, utilizing different artistic mediums such as music and theater to express himself. He believes in the power of art to convey meaningful messages and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Through his work, Joenoes often highlights his Moluccan culture and identity, emphasizing his pride in his heritage.

As a proud Moluccan, Joenoes frequently speaks about his cultural background and incorporates elements of Moluccan traditions and customs into his performances. By sharing his experiences and promoting Moluccan culture, he aims to raise awareness and appreciation for his heritage.

Joenoes’s multifaceted artistic endeavors allow him to explore and communicate his perspectives and emotions, creating a unique and engaging artistic experience for audiences.

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