Jan Hulst

About / Bio Jan Hulst (Amsterdam, 1987) is a Dutch director and writer in theatre and film. Together with Jim Deddes, Jan creates ‘JOARDY FILM’; an independent initiative of short skits that has grown into a YouTube phenomenon with more than 25,000 subscribers. In 2019 they collaborated with the VPRO and received de Zilveren Nipkowschijf for their eight-part web series ‘JOARDY SEASON 1’ that was followed in 2021 by ‘JOARDY SEASON 2’. In 2022 they launched their podcast series ‘OORTRAUMA’, in collaboration with Nick Putman. 

Since 2015 Hulst has formed a duo ‘Hulst & Tarenskeen’ with Kasper Tarenskeen. They have written and directed plays with Frascati Amsterdam, Toneelgroep Oostpool Arnhem and the National Theater The Hague. Hulst & Tarenskeen are currently part of the artistic core of Toneelgroep Oostpool and have made ‘Baby Crazy’ (2021) and ‘KOMT GOED…’ (2022) and are currently working on ‘Detective Moncler’ (premiering January 2023). In 2020 the duo received the prestigious Erik Vos Prize for exceptional new talent. From the jury report: “Hulst and Tarenskeen’s plays are characterized by strong, visual directing and an exceptional use of language. They have created generous theatrical experiences that have much to offer to both aesthetical and literary connoisseurs as well as the wider audience of their own generation.”  

In addition to his collaborations with Deddes and Tarenskeen, Hulst also works as an independent director. And currently working on the theatre debut of ‘HANG YOUTH’ frontman Abel van Gijlswijk; the AABZ ’22 TOUR (premiering October 2022).


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