Hanna van Niekerk

About / Bio Hanna van Niekerk (1991) is a film director and writer, with Dutch and Indonesian roots. Her debut film If the Sun Explodes premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival 2016 where it won the MovieZone Youth Jury Award and had a theatrical release in the Netherlands. From 2020 to 2021, Hanna directed the 18-episode webseries Anne Frank video dairy which can be seen online in more than 60 countries and has attracted millions of viewers. Hanna loves to implement improvisational acting in her work, casting undiscovered talents and preferably collaborates with her actors and heads of department in an early stage of development. Hanna is currently working on a German-Bolivian miniseries A Girl in the Jungle and her sci-fi feature film Anthill, which was selected and developed during the Biennale College Cinema Workshop of the Venice Film Festival.

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