Elza Jo Tratlehner

About / Bio Elza Jo (1981) , Amsterdam. Graduated from the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, is an established photographer known for her eclectic and raw images. In recent years, the realm of documentary storytelling has increasingly captivated her. She created documentaries such as ‘Jolene’ a portrayal of a barmaid in a strip club, F-sider, who became a mother to two during her teenage years, ‘Famke Louise’, centered around the wildly popular pop idol. ¬†And ‘Amira’ centered around a 9-year-old four-time world champion kickboxer. Throughout her body of work, her bold and explosive style carries a distinct energy. Over the years, Elza Jo has collaborated with a range of global brands and agencies on impactful commercial campaigns. She has captured pioneers in music and fashion and continues to seek out mavericks and super-icons to portray in novel ways. Elza Jo believes that especially during these tumultuous times marked by significant polarization, we must provoke dialogue by showcasing the ‘unknown other’. Certain groups in our society often face criticism and are occasionally looked down upon. Elza Jo aims to transcend biases and not merely recount the aspects that set us apart. Elza Jo captures the relatable, fundamental life questions that we all encounter.

The unfamiliar breeds indifference, so let’s bring to light those stories that pique our curiosity.

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