Desiré van den Berg

About / Bio Desiré van den Berg (1991) is an autodidact photographer. In 2011, Van den Berg became active as a nightlife, subculture, and travel photographer. And now she is mostly known for her editorial, documentary, and portrait photography. Lately, she has also been exploring the art of cinematography. Van den Berg has a BA in Linguistics from the University of Amsterdam. Apart from that, she studied Mandarin Chinese at the University of Leiden & City University Hong Kong. Above all, her work often touches on the subject of social issues, resulting in rather intimate documentation. Interested in scientific and philosophical theories questioning truth, objectivity, and reality, she considers her work as an ongoing study of these subjects – continuously reflecting on her role, influence, and position as a white female photographer in the field.

Together with Heat x Amsterdam, Desiré van den Berg is working on creating new videos as a director of photography. We, the Heat x Production team, shot a music video for Sarita Lorena this spring. The video of Sem Tu has over 200k views on YouTube. The mostly female team created a playful music video with over six different styling and decor sets. However, as a photographer, Desiré recently debuted on the front page of Parool. She shot stunning photos of a grieving mother who just lost her son. In other words, a very vulnerable and graceful series that got Desiré all the way to the front page of the Saturday issue of the newspaper.  

In September 2020 she was invited to do a talk at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Where Desiré talked about the project Pictures for Purpose. Pictures for Purpose is a fundraising print sale by photographers based in the Netherlands, responding to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this inspiring talk, Desiré van den Berg talks about her hopes, dreams, and ambitions for the future as a photographer.  


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