Carmen van Mulier

About / Bio Carmen van Mulier (1994) is a Rotterdam based actress, singer and director. She graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Amsterdam in 2017, and made/played/directed many theatre, music and film projects ever since. Her work always evolves some sort of surrealisme, absurdism and symbolism and dreams are a recurring theme in her work. As an actress she played the leading role in ‘die unendliche Geschichte’ by the prestigious Bochum Schauspielhaus in Germany. Carmen initiated her own theater collective called ‘UMA’ with two other actresses and a composer. Under the wings of the well known theatre company Orkater, ‘UMA’ toured around the Netherlands and received excellent reviews from theatre critics. On screen she could be seen in different series and films such as the award winning movie ‘De Veroordeling’, or in series as ‘Oogappels (5)’, ‘Nieuwe Buren (4)’ and the series ‘Mocro Maffia’. As a director she worked on the the solo performance of the award winning actress Sinem Kavus. She also wrote and directed several theatre plays, directed the music video ‘Computa – Jo Goes Hunting’ and is currently directing a theatre film. Last but not least, Carmen makes music under the name “Nemrac”. She will be releasing her debut album in 2023 and will be touring around the Netherlands this fall. In her music she feels free to tumble through different styles of music and she likes to write intuitive behind the piano and then mix it up with samples, beats and synths.

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